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Strengthening the Species at Risk Act

January 3, 2018

In 2018, the Gencon Foundation will be supporting Ecojustice in its efforts to strengthen the implementation of the Species at Risk Act (SARA).


Since the passing of SARA, this act has failed to live up to its potential. In 2012, Ecojustice released Failure to Protect: Grading Canada’s Species at Risk Laws - a report which ​​highlighted that weak, inconsistent and poorly implemented laws at the provincial and federal levels were failing to protect certain species at risk. For example, SARA requires that the federal government create recovery strategies for endangered and threatened species within a legislated time-frame, and yet as of January 2014, 162 recovery strategies for highlighted species were overdue, many by more than five years.


For wildlife teetering on the brink of total collapse, these delays can mean the difference between recovery and extinction. If implemented to its fullest extent, SARA would help Canada’s endangered species survive and recover. The work that Ecojustice will be doing in 2018 will help to ensure that the Species at Risk Act does what it is meant to do.



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